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I hope you enjoy the work that I’ve put together and made available for you to read. Please understand that the reason I put this out there is the hope that maybe someone else will relate to it and that it will be as helpful to them as a reader as it was for me as a writer.
With that in mind, I don’t mind you passing the link to this site around or even re-posting my work elsewhere, but in return I would ask that you give me credit for my work at least, post a link back to this site if you wish to re-post it or send it to a friend.
If you want to talk about using my work in printed material or in some other way, use the contact link at the top of the page and get ahold of me, I’m a nice guy really ;)


1. Jamie Leigh - June 5, 2006

Your work gives me the chills. Chills of excitement that I can read your work and actually feel the emotion that is put into it. You are truely amazing and have a gift with words.