DuAliTy http://oneduality.com/journal Pairs of interconnected opposites, neither of which can exist without the other. Tue, 12 Jun 2007 00:55:26 +0000 http://wordpress.org/?v=2.0.2 en Sorry folks http://oneduality.com/journal/2007/06/12/sorry-folks/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2007/06/12/sorry-folks/#comments Tue, 12 Jun 2007 00:55:26 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2007/06/12/sorry-folks/ It’s been a long time and I apologize for that, the system hasn’t been e-mailing me about comments I’ve received so I just went in today and approved a few, but there are so many.

I wasn’t even aware that many people came here, I’m flattered.. if you’d like to check out something more uplifting than the drivel here heh.. http://lonnie.donetblog.com

Just want to feel the same http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/11/06/just-want-to-feel-the-same/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/11/06/just-want-to-feel-the-same/#comments Mon, 06 Nov 2006 17:17:27 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/11/06/just-want-to-feel-the-same/ All that I believed was true,
No longer matters any more.
All those dreams involving you,
Are now scattered on the floor.

Just want to feel the same
Just want to feel the same
Some things will never change
Just want to feel the same

I used to believe you were the one,
Until reality shattered the lie.
All that I believed is now undone,
To your memory I say “Good bye”.

Just want to feel the same
Just want to feel the same
Some things will never change
Just want to feel the same

I’m the product of your creation,
But you can’t control what I became.
And if it’s any consolation,
You no longer cause me pain.

Just want to feel the same
Just want to feel the same
Some things will never change
Just want to feel …

(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

Everything must end http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/11/03/everything-must-end/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/11/03/everything-must-end/#comments Fri, 03 Nov 2006 03:52:48 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/11/03/everything-must-end/ For all I ever was..
For all I hoped to be..
All I ever wanted
Was to be a “you and me”

Falling to the ground
No desire left inside
I know I’m on the way down
It’s just a matter of time

Close the door to the past
Threw my hopes to the wind
I know that nothing ever lasts
And everything must end

With every step I take
Life’s color is sucked away
I keep hoping that I’ll wake
Before it’s all just shades of gray

(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

Walls of Glass http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/11/03/walls-of-glass/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/11/03/walls-of-glass/#comments Fri, 03 Nov 2006 03:29:55 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/11/03/walls-of-glass/ How long must I pretend
Hidden behind walls of glass
I know I’m near the end
Because I can never last

Landing on broken dreams
Destroying those walls of glass
Nothing is what it seems
Because nothing ever lasts

There’s nothing left to do
I guess I always knew
But at least I made you smile
For just a little while

(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

Ps. “Bad art is more tragically beautiful than good art, because it documents human failure.”

Before I burn away http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/07/18/before-i-burn-away/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/07/18/before-i-burn-away/#comments Tue, 18 Jul 2006 13:01:47 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/07/18/before-i-burn-away/ This shell you see
Standing before you
It’s all that remains
Of the me that you knew

Tell me Were you ever
Who you claimed yourself to be
I was caught in your never
It destroyed what’s left of me

All that was inside
Now just a giant void
It all slowly died
Everything was destroyed

Memories like fire
Will burn this shell to ash
I’ll lock myself away
In this prison made of glass

Before I burn away
Before I burn away
And there’s nothing left to save

(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

Static http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/07/13/static/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/07/13/static/#comments Thu, 13 Jul 2006 17:45:22 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/07/13/static/
Everything I knew
Everything but you
Every little dream
From your sting
I’m left behind
I’m undefined

(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

The Forgotten One http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/06/27/the-forgotten-one/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/06/27/the-forgotten-one/#comments Tue, 27 Jun 2006 16:33:52 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/06/27/the-forgotten-one/ Your pain I absorbed
I contained it within
Your burden became mine
And it ripped at my skin

I’ve been used and forgotten
Tossed to the side
Brought out when I’m needed
But otherwise denied

Soon this levy will break
and the floods will come
Then I’ll no longer be
The forgotten one

It didn’t need to be
But this is what became
I needed to break free
And put an end to the game

(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

Day Into Night http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/06/26/day-into-night/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/06/26/day-into-night/#comments Mon, 26 Jun 2006 18:17:59 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/06/26/day-into-night/ I look to the red-blue sky
As the summer sun fades to night
I can only wonder why
I’m lost in this thought

The harder I try
The further I fall
The more I lose hope
The less I can cope

I close my eyes
But in the darkness I still see
Blank faces from the past
Staring back at me

I open my eyes
No more light to be seen
I finally realize
All that could have been

Forgive me for what I’ve done
Forgive me for what will be
I must put out the sun
Your face I can no longer see

(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

Book of Echoes http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/05/29/book-of-echoes/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/05/29/book-of-echoes/#comments Mon, 29 May 2006 04:48:43 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/05/29/book-of-echoes/ Each little memory
Like a faded page in time
Isolation and pain
Are written on every line

All of these thoughts
They’re nothing but a reflection
Each and every little dream
Is just a slow, spreading infection

When I turn the page
Your face is all I can see
Im locked in this cage
A dark place that I chose to be

The end is still unknown
These pages are incomplete
My heart has turned to stone
This fate seems doomed to repeat

(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

(revised and re-posted)

Final http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/04/04/final/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/04/04/final/#comments Tue, 04 Apr 2006 19:29:10 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/04/04/final/ Another brick has been laid
For the wall I hide behind
Feeling so afraid
Locked deep inside my mind

Things all came undone
The feelings turned to dust
In the long run
I doubt I can adjust

Love is the greatest pain
I ever will endure
The disease that can’t be tamed
And for which there is no cure

Broken for the last time
I’ve done it to myself
I’ve typed my final rhyme
And placed it on the shelf
(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

4U http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/03/05/4u/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/03/05/4u/#comments Sun, 05 Mar 2006 01:30:45 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/03/05/4u/ calling out your name
will you hear?
will it all just end the same?
should I just disappear?

so long behind this wall
I tore it down for you
I know that I may fall
But my love for you is true

I held you close to me
And the world faded away
And for once I felt set free
I know my love will stay

(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

Born to Die http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/born-to-die/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/born-to-die/#comments Sat, 11 Feb 2006 22:10:49 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/born-to-die/ We’re walking and talking
Slipping to the end
Sinning and forgiving
Imagine it’s all pretend

We’re yearning and burning
Ignoring our hearts
As the world keeps turning
And we’re torn slowly apart

Walking down the line
Ignoring what’s inside
Pretending all is fine
Feeling born to die

(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

Give me your pain http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/give-me-your-pain/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/give-me-your-pain/#comments Sat, 11 Feb 2006 21:31:56 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/give-me-your-pain/ I will serve my purpose
I will take away your pain
I will take away your hurt
I will wear it like a chain

My existence is meaningless
This is all I know
I take it all away
And slip further below

Give me your sadness
Bury me in the hate
Doesn’t matter anyway
This is my fate

(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

The Edge http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/the-edge/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/the-edge/#comments Sat, 11 Feb 2006 21:31:21 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/the-edge/ Standing on the edge and looking down.
The wind is still, can’t hear a sound.

This is what it’s like on the inside.
The quiet place that I go to hide.

Isolation is my sweetest friend.
It stays with me until the very end.

It never betrayed and it never lied.
It’s always there, on the inside.

So from the edge I look in to the distance.
I search my heart and ponder my existence.

What really matters in this world of mine?
I’ll never lose hope, I’ll walk the line.

(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

Sea of Dispair http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/sea-of-dispair/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/sea-of-dispair/#comments Sat, 11 Feb 2006 21:30:59 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/sea-of-dispair/ Distant memories wash over me in this sea of despair
I try to swim but I’m sinking alone and gasping for air

I look around but darkness is all I see
The waters of despair won’t set me free

The coldness grips with no end in sight
My sunny day has turned to a lonely night

No struggle left as my life fades away
I close my eyes, this was my final day.

(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

Slipping Away http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/slipping-away/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/slipping-away/#comments Sat, 11 Feb 2006 21:30:42 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/slipping-away/ The sun begins to set
and I start to disappear
try to focus on my thoughts
it used to be so clear

Memories begin to fade
was it all one big dream?
I am plagued by thoughts
of all that could have been.

Chances pass me by
I keep asking why
they always slip away.
another day
some other way
it always ends the same


(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

Memory of Me http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/memory-of-me/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/memory-of-me/#comments Sat, 11 Feb 2006 21:30:19 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/memory-of-me/ The memory of me slowly fades
You look out the window
Then quickly close the shades

The sound of the voice you once knew
Echoing through your head
The voice of someone who loved you
The memory will never be dead

You catch the scent of my cologne
But every time you turn around
You realize you’re there alone

I’ll always remember the look on your face
That night you stepped off the train
I hugged you and felt in place
No one ever deserves this pain.

(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

Faded and Broken http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/faded-and-broken/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/faded-and-broken/#comments Sat, 11 Feb 2006 21:28:30 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/faded-and-broken/ The wall came down
I welcomed you within
Surrounded you in warmth
Made me forget what had been

A love so bright
The world faded away
You were all I could see
and the greatest price I would pay

I’m learning to hate now
Because I’m too afraid to love
It’s that feeling of pain
I want to be free of

All I know
Is cold and gray
Faded and broken

(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

Shades of Gray http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/shades-of-gray/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/shades-of-gray/#comments Sat, 11 Feb 2006 21:27:57 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/shades-of-gray/ The bottom of the hole
I can see so clear
Life took it’s toll
I no longer fear

I can see it on the inside
looking back at me
the feeling of isolation
as I try to break free

I open my arms
I feel the embrace
the light slowly fades
as I fall from grace

Don’t cry for me
There’s nothing to say
I’ll soon be free
No more shades of gray

(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com

Cold and Gray http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/cold-and-gray/ http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/cold-and-gray/#comments Sat, 11 Feb 2006 21:27:27 +0000 Administrator Creative Works http://oneduality.com/journal/2006/02/11/cold-and-gray/ The things I remember
wish I could close the door
try so hard to forget
when everything mattered more

a wall I slowly built
an illusion that I am strong
try to keep them all away
and simply play along

some have seemed to care
but I just run away
no one ever follows
and life stays cold and gray

one big hollow shell
that’s all I’ll ever be
eaten from the inside
till there’s nothing left of me

(c) 2006-2007 OneDuAliTy.com