02/26/2015 Version(s) 2.5.6
   - Fixed an issue where there an undefined index notice and a "Strict Standards" warning.. the latter is related to newer versions of PHP
04/23/2014 Version(s) 2.5.5
   - Two minor changes for JED approval, no functionality updates.. Just a correction to the name and to add GPL notice to the code.
04/23/2014 Version(s) 2.5.4
   - Major code cleanup
   - Added option to enable and disable logging for blocked connections, whitelist connections and failsafe connections
   - Added an option to enable/disable protection for front-end and enable/disable protection for backend.
   - Removed some un-necessary version checking I was doing, oops.
04/22/2014 Version(s) 2.5.0 - 2.53
   - Initial creation
   - Bug testing
   - Implementation of support for the Joomla 1-click update system
   - Submitted to Joomla! extension directory